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CPAP & BiPAP Repairs

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CPAP & BiPAP Repairs

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CPAP Check up & Annual PAP Device Servicing


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Service and Repair

Finding a CPAP repair shop can be as difficult as locating a watery oasis in the desert. These devices are such a specialty that most people don’t know where to turn to. The average life span of a CPAP or BiPAP machine will vary from usually 5–7 years. We do hear of stories of machines lasting 12–13 years but come on, Unicorns are real too, huh? We at are pleased to offer CPAP and Bilevel machine repair/servicing and calibration for anyone in need. We offer Free Estimates! Low Prices with One Year Warranty.

Schedule a CPAP service or repair today by calling us toll-free at (833) 757-7233.

Signs of a malfunctioning CPAP

Problems with error codes, noisy blowers, broken heating elements, or "call service required".


CPAP & BiPAP Annual Maintenance Refresh Program:

  • 1. Visual Inspection for all internal components wear or damaged wiring
  • 2. Pressure Manometer Calibration and Leak Test on Motor Blower
  • 3. Internal CPU battery test
  • 4. Check all LED lights for proper functioning
  • 5. Repair and replace worn seals
  • 6. Repair and Replace worn contact points on operational knobs or resistive switches
  • 7. Verify proper operation for all PAP modes as the pressure cycles on a test lung
  • 8. Verify clinical settings to be used by the patient
  • 9. Replace External Fine and Gross Particle Filters with New Filters
  • 10. Disinfection with CDC approved Madacide-1 for cleaning of internal and external surface area
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All device repairs come with a limited one‑year warranty.