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  • 1 Order Test.

  • 2 Testing kit is delivered to you. Wear device for 1 night.

  • 3 Return test unit to us in the prepaid shipping box.

  • 4 Upon receipt, our clinical sleep experts will review your test data and send the results to you via email, mail, or fax.

Disposable At-Home Sleep Apnea Study (Watch featured video to learn how to setup your product)


WatchPAT ONE offers the same simplicity, accuracy and reliability as other WatchPAT products. The simple smartphone app transmits the WatchPAT ONE’s data from 7 channels to the cloud. As soon as the study is completed the clinician can review the automated study results.



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Sleep Physician Review of WatchPAT One:

REPAP is an exclusive carrier of the WatchPAT ONE Disposable Home Test, the most convenient choice for At-home Sleep Apnea testing.

The WatchPAT One at home sleep test is the most advanced test available and is used by thousands of people each week. This accurate, reliable and safe kit tests for sleep apnea using a variety of different data points, including PAT signal, heart rate, oximetry, actigraphy, body position, snoring and even chest motion. The best part is there is no nasal tube or additional body straps needed. A thorough – yet simple – at home test from the convenience and comfort of your own bed!

Our highly trained clinical team is available to walk you through any step of this process. Call us now at (833) 757-7233 to get started on your journey to Simplify Your Sleep!


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