ResMed HumidAire 2i CPAP Humidfier


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The HumidAire 2i, which is compatible with the VPAP III and S7 range of products, is an integrated heated humidifier designed to increase the level of moisture in the air delivered during CPAP, BIPAP, and APAP therapy. During these therapies, the movement of dry air through the airways may dry out air passages and cause congestion and swelling that may affect the therapy’s pressure requirements. The HumidAire 2i infuses heated water into the CPAP machine’s airstream, moistening the air that passes through the throat, nose, and mouth. The single heated humidification unit snaps directly on the CPAP machine, which eliminates the need for a second hose or power cord. Users can adjust the humidity setting until the dry symptoms disappear. Using the HumidAire 2i results in improved therapy comfort and compliance.Product Benefits:

  • Improves therapy comfort
  • Easily select the most comfortable level of humidification
  • Large dial is easy to find
  • Water chamber opens completely and closes securely for easy cleaning
  • Fully isolated electronic components ensures patient safety

This ResMed HumidAire 2i is for the ResMed S7 series of CPAP Machines. It is compatible with the following machines:
AutoSet CS 2
S7 AutoSet Spirit
S7 Lightweight
S7 Elite
VPAP III ST-A with QuickNav
VPAP Malibu

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