REMstar Auto CPAP with C-flex Legacy Series Refurbished


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The REMstar Auto is an ideal flow-based Smart CPAP for use in the lab or home.  Its Proactive Algorithm looks for and adjusts to a patient’s needs based on optimal and critical pressure levels.  And the Encore Pro software allows you to track events like snoring, elevated leak levels, and apnea/hypopnea.  The auto-adjusting CPAP machine which is set for a range of pressures seeks out and delivers the lowest level of pressure needed to keep the airway open.  With C-Flex technology, not only with the pressure level vary as needed, but it will drop with each exhalation.


  • C-Flex technology; flow-based, automatically adjusting CPAP
  • Sleek, modern appearance
  • Hour/session meter accumulates usage sessions >4 and total hours used
  • Encore Pro SmartCard compatibility provides detailed daily reports
  • Data storage content includes: date/time, duration at pressure, patient event histograms, short-term detailed events, long-term
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Lighted patient buttons with improved feel operate both CPAP and optional attached heated humidifier
  • Improved carrying case offers exceptional padding and is big enough to carry the CPAP unit, the heated humidifier, and a mask
  • Washable pollen filters standard, and optional ultra-fine filters
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • DC operation

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