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Simple & Convenient

The Oracle™ 452 is simple to wear. The low profile design is great for people who wear glasses or like to read or watch TV in bed. Oracle is highly customizable and virtually leak free with minimal facial contact and no nasal or forehead contact required at all

SoftSeal Mouthpiece & SnapFlap Cover

The Oracle™ 452’s unique SoftSeal Mouthpiece floats comfortably in the mouth helping to eliminate skin abrasions and pressure points. The SoftSeal works together with the SnapFlap™ Cover to provide a simple, superior seal and maximum comfort. Each Oracle™ comes with two Silicone SoftSeals™ so that you can select whichever size you prefer — small or large — to get your best fit. The Oracle™ is simple and convenient to use and it can even be worn with most dentures.

Optional Single Strap Headgear Included

Because the Oracle™ is such an easy mask to wear many people prefer to use it without headgear. However, lightweight, Single Strap Breath-O-Prene® Headgear is included in each package so that you can choose to use it or not depending on your preference. Single Strap headgear is highly adjustable for a personalized fit and provides a clear field of vision and freedom of movement.

Rotating Adjustment Dial & FlexiTube™

The Oracle’s Rotating Adjustment Dial is adjustable to provide greater comfort and simple personalized fitting; and it’s so simple to use you can even make adjustments while the mask is on. The mask’s FlexiTube™ tubing can be rotated 360º so you can position it up, down, or to the side.

Nasal Plugs Included

Three sizes of nasal plugs are included in each mask pack (small, medium, large). Nasal plugs can be used to help reduce nasal breathing and dryness when using the Oracle™ mask. Many people find that the nasal plugs are not required, but most users do find them helpful for the first couple of weeks when starting to use the Oracle™.

Please note, the Oracle™ 452 should only be used on CPAP/BiLEVEL Systems that include Heated Humidification

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