About Us

Trusted Seller of Pre-owned CPAP Machines

Whether you’re buying your first CPAP -- or your fifth -- your supplier is just as important as the machine, mask or supplies you choose. And with DME companies charging a fortune for CPAP machines, and online retailers tacking on their own ridiculous markups, finding that reputable, affordable supplier is critical in your journey to restful sleep.

Welcome to Repap.com, a trusted seller of pre-owned, reconditioned CPAPs, BiPAPs, Bi-Levels, and accessories. As a team of Sleep Care and CPAP experts with more than 20 years of experience, we deliver quality, tested, second-hand machines -- at prices you can afford.

So, what makes us different than other sellers? 

Each time you buy a CPAP, APAP, ventilator or other machine from Repap.com, you’re getting something that’s been put through its paces. We’ve tested it. Disinfected it. Added a new water chamber, new tubing and other accessories.

If a machine doesn’t pass our rigorous testing, our answer is simple: We don’t sell it.

But we offer more than machines that fit your budget, we also carry the latest in masks and other accessories -- at deep discounts. From ResMed to Philips to Fisher & Paykel, you’ll find the newest versions of full-face, nasal, pillows and hybrid masks at your fingertips, as well as the classic, harder-to-find older versions that deliver the comfort you crave.

If this is your first time buying a machine and you’re not sure what to expect, our team of experts can guide you to the right equipment. Mask fitting funny? Have a question about sleep apnea? Our team is here for you, right when you need them. 

At Repap.com, we believe that restful sleep doesn’t have to be expensive. That you can live a full, robust life with sleep apnea. That a sale is only a starting point, and our team can deliver the solid advice and education that keeps you on your therapy.

So, visit our shop. Connect with our team. Read our educational materials. We look forward to helping you find what you need, and taking you down the path to restful sleep.