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Why REFurbished CPAP’s?

First of all, What is refurbished CPAP equipment?  It is equipment that has been previously owned and then purchased by a CPAP supplier. Their technicians have repaired it, replaced worn and damaged parts, tested it and ensured it meets all industry standards.  This process also includes decontamination, refinishing, and recalibration.  Refurbished CPAP equipment is very different from used equipment, as used equipment can be resold as-is without warranties.

Reason #1 – Confidence in condition: Refurbished CPAP equipment is virtually ‘good as new’ since it has been vigorously inspected and tested.  Warranty packages may come with refurbished equipment as well. So, if something goes wrong, you can be covered under their warranty.  Delivery and installation may also be provided.

Reason #2 – Cost savings: This is a huge reason for many.  New CPAP equipment can be expensive and if you are not covered under insurance, you need to have other options.  Refurbished equipment is a good one. Even if you are covered, many insurance plans limit the number of devices they will pay for in a period of time. So, if your environment or other situations change causing you to need a different therapy or technology, your insurance may not cover it. In addition, some people need an extra piece of equipment and purchasing a refurbished CPAP item works well here, too.

Reason #3 – Stability in product: There is security in knowing a CPAP has been in the market awhile and has proven its reliability. Refurbished CPAP’s have had time for many ‘issues’ to have surfaced and to have been worked out.  If there have been any safety issues, the product will have already been removed from the market, so reliability in older equipment is a plus.

Refurbished CPAP equipment is a really good option for those of us who need high-quality CPAP equipment while watching your budget.  Our CPAP sleep experts will be glad to help you find the right equipment to fit your needs and your budget.

Although our CPAP inventory changes daily we can generally tell you over the phone what we have on hand that will fit your needs. 

"Thank You"

 "I have been using my ResMed Airsense 10 Auto for almost a year now. From the start, I noticed an immediate benefit. It became quickly apparent just how much sleep I was not getting before the CPAP. At my last health check up, my blood pressure was down significantly and my resting heart rate had dropped from the mid 90's bpm to mid 60's bpm. I am no longer snoring, and my wife and I are getting along much better since we both can sleep all night. I now have plenty of energy during the day and can definitely deal with work and stress much better. Jim RT was instrumental at finding the right machine for me, and walking me through the set up. It was such a pleasure doing business with them" 

James B Midland, TX April 22, 2020

Most Popular CPAP Supplies

New & Used CPAP Machines For Sale

Finding the perfect CPAP machine can be difficult. There are so many amazing models and brands like Resemd,  Respironics, REMSTAR, and  Fisher & Paykel to name a few. Who can you trust? At we only carry the best brands and you can be assured that you are buying the best CPAP machines around. We offer huge discounts, are used CPAP machines are cleaned, tested, and have a 90 day warranty. Shop with confidence!

CPAP Masks & Nasal Pillows

From full face masks to nasal masks, we carry the best brands in the industry like Resmed & Respironics. These brand new CPAP masks are designed to be used with a quality cpap machine. Make sure to check out our new and gently used cpap machines for sale to get the best deals online.  

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Home Sleep Tests are exactly what they sound like: sleep tests that are taken from the comfort of your own home. You perform the test, and send the device and the data stored on it the following day back to We analyze it and send you the results. Sleep apnea home testing is easy and convenient. 


New & Used CPAP

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We carry a wide array of devices designed to treat respiratory and sleep-related breathing disorders. 

  • CPAP
  • Auto CPAP
  • BiPAP
  • BiPAP ST
  • Auto SV
  • Adaptive SV
  • VPAP Auto
  • Home Ventilation- Invasive
  • Home Ventilation- Non Invasive


Heated humidity is an important factor in CPAP and bilevel compliance. Positive pressure devices decrease the amount of relative humidity found naturally in the nasal and oral airways. Inadequate humidity can cause the following problems:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Nasal bleeding
  • Sinus pressure, ear pain, and runny nose
  • Dry mouth


Finding the right mask system take patience and time. At, we offer a wide range of masks to suit your individual needs. We want you to be successful and give you the opportunity to do so by offering a trial period on all masks, as well as continuing follow up to help ensure your long term compliance.Mask Systems:

  • Nasal masks
  • Nasal pillows
  • Full face masks
  • Nasal/oral masks

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